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Student Series

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The Deluxe series of products are recommended for students requiring comprehensive training for all the major injection techniques including the newer Vacutainer methods.

Venipuncture w/Vacutainer  Subcutaneous  Intramuscular  Venipuncture  IV Cannulation

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Venipuncture & IV Cannulation (Catheterization - US)

This series of products has been developed for trainees requiring proficiency specifically in phlebotomy or venous access techniques.

Venipuncture w/Vacutainer        Venipuncture
  IV Cannulation

What do you need?

Intramuscular & Subcutaneous

The intramuscular and subcutaneous series provides everything a student needs to become confident in these essential skills.

   Subcutaneous  Intramuscular      

What do you need?

This is better than the $2000 arm we've got the students training on!

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