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Simulation Medical

Injection Training System Group Packs - Venipuncture-Intravenous Pads

Product details

Simulation Medical offers comprehensive training kits designed specifically for students in any healthcare field.  Our training kits are being used worldwide by medical, nursing, and other students in the healthcare fields.

The Injection Training System (ITS) Venipuncture-IV Cannulation Pads kit includes:

  • THREE venipuncture/intravenous ITS pad
  • Mock blood (arterial and venous)
  • Strapping system - to practice with a partner
  • Reservoir syringes for multiple withdrawal attempts


The Simulation Medical ITS Deluxe kit will allow your students to perfect the following procedures:

  • Used for Full blood exams, urea and electrolytes, blood cultures and more.

Venipuncture with the Vacutainer System

  • This new system is now becoming the standard for hospitals and healthcare professionals must become proficient with it

IV Cannulation

  • A difficult technique requiring much knowledge and practice

Kit contents

The patented Injection Training System pad

  • Designed to provide life-like experience and feedback for you when practicing a technique
  • Simulate skin, fat, muscle, bone, and veins
  • Can also be used with a partner to allow students to practice all aspects of a technique including:
    • Explaining the procedure to a patient
    • Positioning a patient
    • Needlestick injury prevention for the practitioner and patient
    • Maintaining a sterile work area
  • 1-year warranty / 150 attempts
$399.95Incl. shipping

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