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Simulation Medical

Pharma/Biotech Series

What do you want to demonstrate?


The Deluxe series of products are recommended for organizations requiring the ability to perform all the major injection techniques to demonstrate new products or services to their customers.

Venipuncture w/Vacutainer  Subcutaneous  Intramuscular  Venipuncture  IV Cannulation

What do you need?

Venipuncture & IV Cannulation

This series of products has been developed for organizations requiring the ability to use phlebotomy or venous access techniques to demonstrate the benefits of their new products.

Venipuncture w/Vacutainer        Venipuncture
  IV Cannulation

What do you need?

Intramuscular & Subcutaneous

Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections are the most common techniques for therapeutic injection.  This series will provide everything an organization needs to demonstrate these essential skills with their products.

   Subcutaneous  Intramuscular      

What do you need?

Customised to your specifications

At Simulation Medical we have put a lot of thought into how we can help you effectively demonstrate, sell and support your products.

Our patented simulated tissue technologies allow multiple practice attempts.

Our customised multimedia range allows you to efficiently train both staff and customers.

Simulated human/animal tissue - a platform to demonstrate your products

  • Develop product knowledge and expertise among your staff.
  • Highly portable - easy to take to customerís premises
  • Less need to demonstrate new products on living subjects
  • Can be used for a range of injection types
  • Customers can try as many times as they need to get familiar with your products
  • Train customers to train their staff - freeing up your own staff.

Customized multimedia tutorials and presentations

  • For demonstrating to customers
  • As instructional material supplied with your products
  • Save time and money by educating customers efficiently and rigorously

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I practised over and over at home until it became second nature - brilliant!

3rd Year Medical Student

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