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Educator Series

What do you want to teach?


The Educator Deluxe series of products are recommended for trainers requiring comprehensive training aids for all the major injection techniques including the newer Vacutainer methods.

Venipuncture w/Vacutainer  Subcutaneous  Intramuscular  Venipuncture  IV Cannulation

What do you need?

Venipuncture & IV Cannulation

This series of products has been developed for trainers requiring their students to become proficient in phlebotomy or venous access techniques.

Venipuncture w/Vacutainer        Venipuncture
  IV Cannulation

What do you need?

Intramuscular & Subcutaneous

The intramuscular and subcutaneous series provides everything a trainer needs to help students become confident in these essential skills.

   Subcutaneous  Intramuscular      

What do you need?

Customised to your curriculum

Not all teaching institutions are the same.  We understand with each curriculum there are different guidelines and standards.  We offer a range of customization services to create the perfect training program for your students. 

Our approach offers the ability to incorporate the following into your curriculum:

  • interactive multimedia tutorials
  • hands-on simulation models
  • customized notes and diagrams
  • institution-specific equipment or training protocols

Whether you are a small clinic, major hospital, or university, we can create the best solution for your educational needs.

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...a highly practical simulation tool that will translate directly to patient care.

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