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26 September 2008

SimTecT 2008 - Healthcare Simulation Conference - Brisbane, Australia

Posted by Kiki at 9:31AM

Hi All,

We've just come back from sunny Brisbane and a week of work with some of the Asia Pacific region's leading clinical skills educators. The SimTecT 2008 Healthcare Simulation Conference is the region's premier annual medical simulation conference and a great opportunity to catch up with people.

As always, it's great to hear positive feedback about the injection training pads, but the comments on the latest clinical tutor software were a pleasant surprise. It's good to see that all the thought and collaboration has paid off.

The best part for me, was getting people to practise on the pads, in particular seeing the joy on someone's face as they hit a vein and draw blood successfully - especially with the catheters (cannulas).

It's funny, even with years of experience, educators still seem to get as much of a kick out of hitting a vein as students do. Why do you think that is?


26 March 2008

Medical training made easy...

Posted by Jag at 1:49PM

I would like to welcome everyone to the Simulation Medical (Sim Med) website.  Our team put a lot of work into the site to make it user-friendly for everyone around the world.  It took many sleepless nights and pots of coffee to get where we are now.

This journey began when I was a medical student who wanted the ability to practice a medical procedure without the fear of fatally harming a volunteer, without patients running away when they saw my quivering hand approaching with a needle, and without paying a fortune for simulation models.  I wanted to be able to practice in my own time until I was absolutely confident and competent.  Let's face it, not many of us will perfect a technique after a few attempts.

Over the next few years the Sim Med team was formed and we created new solutions to old problems.  Our products and services have been tailored to benefit any healthcare professional wanting to learn or teach medical procedures.  We create innovative, efficient, and affordable solutions for students and educators from many fields including:

  • medicine
  • nursing
  • paramedical
  • veterinary
  • allied health services
  • medical device manufacturers
  • biotechnology
  • pharmaceutical
  • research

Our vision is to make the best multi-sensory training aids in the world.  We need more coffee...

Dr Jag Heer MD

Simulation Medical

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