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26 September 2008

SimTecT 2008 - Healthcare Simulation Conference - Brisbane, Australia

Posted by Kiki at 9:31AM

Hi All,

We've just come back from sunny Brisbane and a week of work with some of the Asia Pacific region's leading clinical skills educators. The SimTecT 2008 Healthcare Simulation Conference is the region's premier annual medical simulation conference and a great opportunity to catch up with people.

As always, it's great to hear positive feedback about the injection training pads, but the comments on the latest clinical tutor software were a pleasant surprise. It's good to see that all the thought and collaboration has paid off.

The best part for me, was getting people to practise on the pads, in particular seeing the joy on someone's face as they hit a vein and draw blood successfully - especially with the catheters (cannulas).

It's funny, even with years of experience, educators still seem to get as much of a kick out of hitting a vein as students do. Why do you think that is?

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